Timeless elegance, defined lines and harmonious fittings:
this is how the Armonia Audio/Video furniture can be represented.

Totally configurable and customizable by our tailoring service, the Armonia collection can be adapted to any HiFi system and reaches the best of its aesthetic representation with the Mc Edition version, dedicated to the famous blue-eyed American brand.
Capable of holding several electronics side by side or on top of each other, with large space for ventilation and cable routing, Armonia is also equipped with several optional extras that make it “truly audiophile“.

All Stilnovi products are granted 5 years guarantee covering all manufacturing defects.

                                                                                                         Designer Studio Antonio Lanzillo & Partners

Form Follows Fuction

Traditionally, a technical project has to follow pre-established forms.
Armonia, while holding fast to this golden principle, strives to subvert the rules. The perfectly fitting metal projections disrupt the idea of furniture and immediately, everything you have seen so far, becomes obsolete.

Designed by the prestigious Studio Antonio Lanzillo & Partners, Armonia is a declaration of authenticity and purity. By creating a perfect visual and structural symphony, the various components give the audio/video furniture a modern touch, without ever renouncing its intrinsic refinement.

Tailor-made service

Everything and the opposite of everything can be made: rely on our tailoring service to make the furniture exactly the size you want.

The overall measurements you find in the technical details section are merely indicative: everything can be customized according to your needs.

The finishes we have chosen reflect market trends and our personal taste, but there is nothing to prevent you from making your Armonia furniture unique. Contact us to find out more.

Technical details and optionals

On request the flap doors can be covered with acoustic cloth so that the remote controls can be used with the doors closed.
You can choose the “truly audiophile” version with the internal shelves floating on Torlon © spheres so that your electronics are decoupled while using a piece of forniture instead of a rack. Or you can reserve an upper space for your beloved turntable, ensuring that it is suspended on solid fluid materials. This way it will be able to express itself more correctly by searching for even the smallest detail that you have never heard before.

Our finishes

Matte Black Soft Touch

Matte White Soft Touch

Carbon Fibre

Light Matte Grey Fenix

Matte Dove Grey Fenix

Matte Black with Light Blue Details

Matte Black with Copper

Contact us and we will design the furniture that best suits your needs.